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Miwako Sakurada

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Series Paradise Kiss
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human
Sexuality Straight
Character Journal sakurada_berry
Played by SSK

Appearance: Miwako is a very short young woman, standing at an even 5 feet, which she makes up for by often wearing platform shoes (making her several inches taller). She is very childlike, it would be easy to mistake her for much younger than she is, and has a lean, fragile looking figure. She has long pink hair (to the small of her back) often in bouncy ringlets or braided, with short, fringey bangs. She's always wearing make up, often focusing her large, pouty lips and her doe-like brown eyes.

Miwako loves fashion. She grew up around it and has since developed a style she believes suits her best: Lolita. She often wears lots of bows, frills, knee high socks, mary jane shoes, large, fluffy skirts and button up blouses. She also adores accessories. Hair clips, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces: You name it and she's probably wearing at least one.

Personality: Miwako appears to be a very childish girl. She has a very soft voice and appears to be extremely hyper. She's almost always running around, flailing her arms and her purse in the air and latching herself onto her newest best friend. She's quick to make friends and loves nothing more than to be around other people constantly; she's extremely eager to please others. She hates conflict and will do anything she can to avoid it, even if it means bottling up her emotions.

Unfortunately, she does keep a lot of her emotions bottled up inside. Miwako constantly struggles with her own insecurities: that she's not as good of a designer as her sister, that Arashi is upset with her... She's constantly second guessing herself, even if she has no reason to. Because of this, she can get very sullen and depressed when she stops putting on her happy face for everyone else. Although it's not necessarily a mood-swing, for those who don't connect the dots on what she's dealing with, it may appear so. She very rarely lets anyone see that side of her, however. Only those she's closest to (such as Caroline) have witnessed this drastic personality change.

Although she appears to be the epitome of innocence, Miwako is anything but that. To offset her childlike looks, Miwako has a very sexual nature that she's not necessarily ashamed of talking about. It's no secret that she and her boyfriend, Arashi, are very intimate. She just doesn't understand why it's so embarassing to talk about what they've shared.

Abilities: Miwako doesn't have any "special" abilities or super powers. She's just a normal teenage girl, living a (slightly) normal teenage life. A student at Yaza Arts, she's particularly proficient in, well, the arts. Her specialty is sewing. While she's not the best designer at the school, she is ace at sewing, and can make anything as long as she has a design to work off of.

She also has the incredible knack for making friends extremely easily. With her personality, it's hard for her to even make an enemy. She's always a ray of sunshine and can usually brighten a person's day without a problem.

Weaknesses: Miwako's main weakness is by far her insecurity. She's often second guessing herself and putting herself down, even if she doesn't show it on the outside. To coincide with her insecurities, she's not the best designer around, and has to live in her sister's shadow. She knows that her sister is a famous, well deserving, designer... She knows that her friend George is an amazing designer. But Miwako finds herself unable to think of designs that are anywhere near as amazing as theirs.

Miwako is also very weak, physically. With such a childlike body, she's extremely frail and more than likely could not hold her own in a fight. She's very dependent on others, whether it's Arashi, Caroline or anyone else. She hangs onto this dependency by constantly taking a "magic medicine" that Arashi and Hiro gave her for christmas when she was younger (under the guise of "Santa"). The "magic medicine" is nothing more than sugar stars.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider

History: Miwako grew up in a very talented family. Her father is a professional photographer, her mother a shoujo manga-ka and her elder sister (Mikako) a famous designer and owner of the 'Happy Berry' brand. She had to best friends growing up: Arashi and Hiro, both of which loved her unconditionally. When she was feeling down one Christmas, the two of them gave her a bottle of sugar stars and labelled it "magic medicine", signing it from Santa.

As time went on, the two boys grew to love her even more, which confused Miwako. It finally got to the point where Arashi asked her out on one condition: that she would no longer see Hiro. This put a rift in the threesome's relationship: especially after Miwako grudgingly chose Arashi over Hiro. Arashi and Miwako went off to Yaza Arts, a specialized school of fine arts for talented, gifted students, while Hiro went his own seperate way. Through the years Miwako wanted to see Hiro, to catch up with him, but their paths never crossed.

Entering her senior year, she and Arashi had made friends with George and Isabella. The four of them started meeting at what they dubbed their 'Atelier' and created a line of clothing called ParaKiss. The senior showcase at Yaza Arts includes a fashion show which the group is trying to get first place in, but they also need a model. George brought back a girl named Yukari, whom Miwako nicknamed 'Caroline', who was perfect for their image. It took a while to talk the girl into modelling for them, but they managed to do so... And Miwako ended up making a new best friend. With the help of Yukari, Miwako went through an extremely tough time of wondering whether she made the right decision of staying with Arashi instead of remaining friends with both he and Hiro... After talking it through, and seeing Hiro (against Arashi's knowledge), Miwako decided that she really did make the right decision, as she truly loves Arashi.

The group was now working triple time, attempting to get the dress done in time for the show. George's design included several hand-painted roses and hand beaded accents and jewelry. Arashi, Miwako and Isabella have even gone as far as skipping class to finish the dress in time. Miwako thought she just passed out from the exhaustion of beading the dress, until she suddenly found herself in Manhatten.


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